Algorithmic Transparency

Algorithmic Transparency

What is Algorithmic Transparency?

Algorithmic transparency allows the mechanisms and processes underlying the decisions and operations of AI systems to be accessible and understandable. It ensures that the algorithms that drive AI systems operate in a way that is not just a «black box», but are available for review, analysis and understanding.

What does it mean to be transparent for an AI system? It involves, among many other aspects, informing, always within the criteria of the company or institution and the regulatory requirements, about elements such as the types of data sources, decision criteria or the structure of the algorithms used in AI. This information about automated decision-making processes and damage minimization mechanisms, before and after the system is in production, promotes accountability, fairness, and trust in AI technologies.

The Importance of Explainability in AI Systems


Explainability is intrinsically linked to algorithmic transparency and is highly relevant to deciphering the operations of AI systems. It refers to the ability of an AI model to articulate its decisions, logic, and results in a human-interpretable manner, allowing for a deeper understanding of the model’s functionality and rationality.

Explainability promotes understanding not only of the model but of the system as a whole, allowing stakeholders – from developers to end users and regulators – to break down, validate and critically evaluate the behaviors of AI systems.

Although the current state of the art does not always allow for complete explainability due to the complexity of the most advanced models, efforts in explainability act as a bridge, connecting the technical complexities of AI with accessible and coherent explanations, fostering transparency, accountability and ethical integrity in AI practices.

Prepare for the future of AI with the Algorithmic Transparency Certificate

The Algorithmic Transparency Certificate from Adigital demonstrates the commitment of the digital industry to transparency and the good governance of technology, aligned with the expectations and legislative agenda of European public institutions regarding artificial intelligence (AI).

Why an Algorithmic Transparency Certificate?

According to the IBM Adoption AI Index, 31% of Spanish companies use or develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. AI is an element of competitiveness and innovation for the economy and society in general. However, it is a relatively new and complex technology that must be developed alongside the generation of trust and transparency.

The Algorithmic Transparency Certificate from Adigital offers a compliance solution for all those organizations that use AI systems in their daily activity, thus reinforcing confidence in these systems and technologies thanks to a well-understood transparency.

The Algorithmic Transparency Certificate is a process that helps companies prepare for the future AI Regulation of the European Union. This certificate promotes the transparency of the company, helps your organization be prepared for upcoming regulatory requirements, and allows you to lead with real case examples that can be used to improve this and other future regulations.


With the Algorithmic Transparency Certificate from Adigital, you will:

Improve transparency and trust of customers: Show your commitment to transparency, enhancing customer trust and strengthening your reputation in the market.

Build a solid documentation base on your AI systems: Have a detailed record of your AI operations, facilitating audits and internal management.

Prepare for future EU regulations: Stay at the forefront of emerging regulations, avoiding surprises and potential penalties.

Certification process

The Algorithmic Transparency Certification process of Adigital is exhaustive and designed to ensure complete algorithmic transparency.

These are the steps:



To start the process, a company must submit an application for certification.



During the certification process, the preparation and presentation of a series of deliverables will be requested. These can include technical documentation, use cases, and tests of the effectiveness and transparency of your AI. All under a confidentiality agreement, of course.



If all the deliverables and documentation are approved, the Algorithmic Transparency Certificate from Adigital will be granted. This certificate demonstrates that the company adheres to the highest standards of algorithmic transparency and is more prepared for future EU regulations.

Documentation Review

Documentation Review

All documentation related to the company’s AI systems will be reviewed. This includes a review of algorithms, training data, privacy protocols, and more. Note that this certificate does not verify the technical capabilities of your AI systems, but the transparency in the processes that generate the system both internally and for your users and customers.

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